Self supply and harvest in Nice-View

As much as possible is homegrown in Nice View. Not only on the Nice View Farm, but also on each amount of space around the Training Center or the new Sports Facilities. All over the compound of Nice View II tangerine or banana trees are planted; buildings and walls are built around present mango and coconut trees.
The reasons for this are manifold:
  • Food was always expensive in Kenya, but currently food prices are exploding.
  • The older children enjoy assisting in the weekends or during holidays and acquire basic knowledge in a playful way. The harvest of sugar cane has then of course the highest priority!
  • The long and straight stocks of the Casuarinas (conifer wood) are essential construction material. After 5 to 8 years they can be cut down and utilized what saves expenses in the longer term.
  • Employment creation.
Below some pictures.
Casuarinas Bananas on the farm Green pepper Cucumbers Maize harvest at the training center Maize harvest at the training center Maize harvest at the training center Martin cropping maize Melons harvest Melons harvest Planting maize Cultivation work Radishes harvest Radishes harvest Tomatoes on the Nice View Farm Sugar cane