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September 2014: Children from Slum Bangladesh

Already last year we decided to admit needy children in the Nice View Gratitude Academy. Most of them come from the biggest slum in Mombasa and we would like to enable them to attend secondary schools.

The first 4 of them (Haron, Wilfrida, Moses and Ismael) attend since begin of this year secondary schools, besides the fact that not sufficient sponsorships were available. Since we could not find sponsors yet for the remaining 7 children, which will finish class 8 end of the year, we are afraid that we have to stop our support, since the financial burden is getting too big. Especially considering that further 6 children of the children’s village (Michael, Joseph, Martin, Anna, Dorothy and Mwanajuma) will go to secondary schools from January onwards. The costs per child and year add up to approximately 700 - 900 Euro.

The 6 boys that still attend the Nice View Gratitude Academy live in 2 rented rooms next to school and children’s village, the girl with one of the kindergarten teachers. The rent is paid by the school, the children’s village caters for the provisioning. All 7 children are good, if not very good, in school and we would like to shortly introduce them: please click here to get to the profiles compiled by the school.

If you wish to support us and the children, please contact:

Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.
Office hours: Wednesdays 17:00 - 19:30, Saturdays 08:00 - 12:00

Landline: +49-(0)7300-919009+49-(0)7300-919009
Mobile:    +49-(0)172-8762666+49-(0)172-8762666 (Marcel Dürr)
Email:      infoatkenia-hilfe [dot] com

For requests in English please contact Heike Dreher

Landline:  +31-(0)35 6980298+31-(0)35 6980298
Email:       heikeatkenia-hilfe [dot] com

Further information you can also find here.

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Daniel M Michael Victor Celestine Hector Daniel O Simon