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August 2018: Visitor Report from Monika Podszuck

lunch the girls' house Hope next to her bed in the girls' house in the boys' house in the boys' house music room  Nice View Medical Centre waiting room the lab delivery room theatre hospital kitchen

Experience report as of 4/8/2018

When I visited Kenya for another time I was very pleased to be a guest at Nice View Children's Village and Nice View Medical Center. I was highly impressed by what has been accomplished here and by the efforts still being made every day. Together with her family and other contributors Gudrun Dürr have done a great deal of work.

Currently, there are 42 children in the Nice View Children's Village, from toddlers to teenagers. They share multi-bed rooms. The little ones live with a foster mother. The "Mamas" (wearing checkered dresses on the photos) are responsible for a small group of children.

Both the sleeping rooms and the group area where the children have breakfast are very tidy (not only when visitors drop by). The walls are decorated with paintings. From their early days, the children learn to keep order. Immense importance is attached to cleanliness and hygiene

and to a healthy diet that is being supplemented by the produce of the Nice View farm: fruit, vegetables and herbs such as mangos, papayas, oranges, bananas, eggplants, tomatoes, moringa, ginger and curcuma.

Breakfast takes place in the group area, lunch and dinner in a spacious refectory.

The Nice View school for classes 1-8 also accepts children from the municipality. Further education and training are organised as well.

The new building holds a music room (and the band), a computer room as well as an activity room, e.g. for games and yoga.

Children and employees look after the numerous pets on the site. I saw rabbits, geese, turkeys, pigs, goats (acting as lawn mowers) and chickens.

The orphanage is a place where the children are being prepared for a healthy, independent and sustainable life after their time in Nice View.

I also had the chance to visit the Nice View Medical Center.

It is a small hospital with a maximum of 10 beds where people can go for childbirth and smaller surgery.

All these projects can make good use of support. For further information please visit:
Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

I am very glad that I had the chance to see this place and that I've learned so much from Gudrun Dürr and her co-workers.
Asante sana,
Monika Podszuck

About the visitor: Monika Podszuck