We help children in need! Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. (association Black-White) is a children aid project that supports Africa's orphans. In the by us looked after Nice View Children`s Village in Kenya find abandoned, orphaned and abused children a new home. The overall concept is to provide them with everything they need, from being a small baby up until independence. Feeling of security - love - shelter - provisions - medical supply - kindergarten - school - apprenticeship ...

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April 2016: New Roof Gutters for the Clinic

Already last year the rust perforated roof gutters had to be replaced. Since it is not possible to buy zinced ones in Kenya, they were made in the Nice View workshop.

In addition 2 containers were roofed on the clinic plot to create more storage room.

Some pictures…

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March 2016: Ali Chichi

Ali, who did not attend school before he came to Nice View, is still in reception class. However, he shows great potential and we assume he will be a good student later. Ali (we call him Chichi) has a very positive personality, is a good dancer, and we proceed under the assumption that we will stay in Nice View. That’s also why we are looking for sponsors now.

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March 2016: On a Visit to Base Titanium

Already end of last year Gudrun, Denise and Pascal visited together with some co-workers and older children Base Titanium (developed a mineral salt project in Kwale).

Some pictures from a successful day…

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March 2016: Power and Water Supply Nice View II

We had to realize that there are no such good and powerful generators like our old one in Kenya to buy. A somewhat comparable one would cost around 10.000 Euro, but would probably not be as sturdy and durable. Therefore, it was from an economic point of view more reasonable to repair the old one professionally. An opportunity which came along only now, since a specialist could be found. One must always be flexible in Kenya.

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March 2016: Fatuma

Our Fatuma is already since over one year at a college in Nairobi and will finish her secretary education in the summer. Thereafter she will possibly support us again in the Medical Centre

Some pictures...

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March 2016: Construction of the Two-Storey Building

Some pictures from the progress of the construction work...

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February 2016: Our Doves

Our doves (click here for background information) had already several times offspring and are still taken care of well by the boys.

Some pictures…

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February 2016: KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) Results 2015

We expected that the result of our school would not be as good as the years before, but just 299,5 points (C+) on average was anyhow a disappointment. Although it is still noticeably above average: public schools recorded an average mark of 180.87 and private schools an average mark of 230.14 (Source: http://www.advance-africa.com/concern-as-public-schools-record-drop-in-kcpe-results.html).

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