We help children in need! Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. (association Black-White) is a children aid project that supports Africa's orphans. In the by us looked after Nice View Children`s Village in Kenya find abandoned, orphaned and abused children a new home. The overall concept is to provide them with everything they need, from being a small baby up until independence. Feeling of security - love - shelter - provisions - medical supply - kindergarten - school - apprenticeship ...

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December 2015: Christmas Celebration

On the 24th of December most of our meanwhile almost 80 co-workers had a day off and were in the afternoon invited to celebrate together and with the children in Nice View II.

Some pictures from a successful day…

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December 2015: School Sponsorship for Children of the Village (continued)

As reported earlier, more and more children from the village and the surroundings can be admitted in the Nice View Gratitude Academy  thanks to school sponsorships.

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December 2015: Christmas Markets

Some pictures from the past years...

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December 2015: Merry Christmas

Dear sponsors and friends,

It is for all of us still a miracle that little Natalie, nowadays a happy baby, belongs now to the Nice View family. A few days old, abandoned in the bush, cluttered with maggots, with numerous wounds all over the body, that’s how this helpless creature was admitted in the hospital and has finally found shelter and caring in the Nice View Children’s Village. The fate of this child that took a turn for the better last-minute, is for us a symbol of hope, bolsters us up and gives us the power to move on.

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December 2015: Season Greetings from the Nice View Children

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Dear sponsors and friends, the Nice View children than you for your support and wish you Happy Holidays and all the best for 2016.

December 2015: School Sponsorships for Children of the Village

Also this year we could thanks to sponsorships admit further children from the village and the surroundings into the Nice View Gratitude Academy and would like to introduce firstly the 31 pupils which are currently sponsored through Projekt Schwarz-Weiß. Please click here.

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December 2015: Jay, Gabriel and Oliver

In the meantime we received some more details:

Jay (born on 15 July 2010) is already 5 years old, Gabriel (born on 16 January 2011) and Oliver (born on 06 September 2011) are both already 4 years old.

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December 2015: Construction Two-Storey Building

Some recent pictures...

Background information you can find here.

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December 2015: Leah

Leah, who trained in the past during holidays in Nyahururu (that’s where most of the successful Kenyan runners come from), during her morning roadwork on the sports ground supported by Regina, Mary and Sarah

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November 2015: Children Slum Bangladesh

Already in 2014 we decided to admit needy children in the Nice View Gratitude Academy and to sponsor them the secondary school when performing well. Most of them come from the biggest slum in Mombasa. The costs per child and year add up to approximately 700 - 900 Euro and we hope that you support us also this year so we can procure the funds.

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