We help children in need! Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. (association Black-White) is a children aid project that supports Africa's orphans. In the by us looked after Nice View Children`s Village in Kenya find abandoned, orphaned and abused children a new home. The overall concept is to provide them with everything they need, from being a small baby up until independence. Feeling of security - love - shelter - provisions - medical supply - kindergarten - school - apprenticeship ...

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April 2015: Grocery Delivery

Since in the meantime up to 50 children in the children’s village and up to 200 pupils plus many co-workers and teachers are to be provided with meals, the basic foods, the gas bottles or toilet papers are delivered since a while already by truck.

For a lunch during school times we require for example 25-30 kg rice.

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April 2015: Social Responsibility

We cannot afford paying above average salaries, but we still try to fulfill our social responsibility towards our Kenyan co-workers to the extent possible.

Each deserved co-worker can send one child to the Nice View School and Projekt Schwarz-Weiß provides, in consultation with the ones locally responsible, the funds for it.

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April 2015: Our Minibus

The white minibus, in which a lot of money was put into lately and the most important car for the children’s village, is damaged. A new co-worker who was cleaning it drove with it without driving license and permission and hit a tree. Luckily no child was around! He will self-evidently get a warning letter and his salary will be partially withheld. But this does not really help our team in Kenya.

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March 2015: Boutique & Tailoring and Stationery & Bookshop

In the course of the past weeks and months we could, thanks to generous donations, mouth signboards, buy books, school books and stationery. Furthermore, we could afford a small printer/copier/scanner (which allows us for example to write letters, scan documents and to print them for our customers) In addition, we transformed the Tailoring into a Boutique & Tailoring. Background information you find here.

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March 2015: Update Mwanasha big

Mwanasha completed in the meantime the 4th trimester and will finish her education as dietician August 2015. She is very good in school and had in the last interim reports As only. She shares with 2 fellow students a flat and returns home during holidays only.

In her free time she visits places in the surroundings, is active in church and still plaits hair to earn a bit extra.

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March 2015: County Sports

After just participating in Public Athletics a few weeks, the Nice View Gratitude Academy again took p

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