May 2005: Karibu Neema! Karibu means welcome and we dearly welcome little Neema in our Nice View family.


May 2005: Karibu Neema! Karibu means welcome and we dearly welcome little Neema in our Nice View family. Neema was found abandoned approximately 5 days old. The baby was initially brought to the hospital for examination and care. After a few days the Youth Welfare Office was informed, which contacted us immediately, since the little one had significantly lost weight in the hospital due to lack of baby food her weight decreased from 3.9 kg to 2.5 kg, and her life was in danger. After consulting with our co-workers we have then decided unanimously to accommodate her. And so we picked up a small dripping wet bundle in the hospital on May 9th. Now, a few days later, Neema has gained some weight and is a pretty baby that most of the times dozes peacefully.

We are worried about Neema, because she does not take notice from her environment. Her eyes are mostly closed and her little body is always very stiff and cramped. The local physicians are, unfortunately, not really of help, and there is also no specialist we could consult. To release the cramps, we have started with some gymnastics. This seems to help, and besides we try everything possible to mobilize her. And if it appears to be necessary, we will hire an employee who will exclusively take care of Neema. Neema's mother has not been found yet and we have retained custody until she is 18 years old.

Approximately one year ago, cerebral palsy with the whole body affected was diagnosed and Neema is suffering from spastic paralysis. Now in June 2007, we are happy to report that her condition has significantly improved. Thanks to two German physicians that have visited us we know now that the prescribed drugs are strong tranquilizers that make sleepy and cause weakness of the muscles. Slowly, not to cause withdrawal symptoms, we have reduced the drugs and Neema is now more active. Also we have the impression that she recognizes and even sees us. She has such a beautiful smile! A few days ago an EEG was performed in Mombasa, advised by a pediatrician. The EEG has shown that Neema's brain activity is low to moderate and that she tends to epileptic seizures. She gets now a drug that should prevent these seizures. In addition, we went with her to an occupational therapist that has shown three of our co-workers exercises. Neema really likes some of these excercises, and she even tries to crawl now. Neemas mother was found in the meantime and condemned to one year in prison.


July 2008: Thanks to intense care and occupational therapy, Neema's condition has significantly improved. She has now a purpose-built bed, chair and swing. Unfortunately, she can still not hold her head, and we hope we can organise a wheelchair with headrest for her.

July 2009: Unfortunately, despite intensive therapy, there is only modest progress. Neema can still not sit by herself and does not move arms or legs spontaneously. Also she does not form any words. Since with increasing age and weight the care gets more and more challenging, we hope to organize an appropriate wheelchair soon.

November 2010: Despite her hereditary handicap, Neema is a balanced and happy child, but will always depend on care. She has now a specific wheelchair, but will soon require a bigger one.

June 2011: After a long search, we have found a rehabilitation centre for handicapped children in Makobe, a village in the proximity in the direction of Shimba Hills. We have visited the institution and were immediately excited. The well-trained staff is full of enthusiasm and provides a tender loving care. Therefore, we decided mid-February to place Neema and Moses, who is handicapped as well, there. Both feel comfortable at that place and have made friends already. Neema gets exercises and treatments several times a day, and she gets also massages to relax her stiff muscles. Her recurring stomachaches vanish slowly, and we can also recognize other small improvements. During the next holidays in August she will be at home in Nice View for several weeks, and we are already curious to see the progress she has made!

April 2012: It would be great if we could report that Neemas’ condition has improved significantly. However, we are afraid that we have to accept that Neema is severly handicapped and have to be greatful if she can for example swollow more easily or if her digestion works better and she has less stomach cramps. Neema is still a happy, balanced and patient child and brings us a lot of joy.

October 2013: In agreement with the nannies, we have decided not to take Neema to the home for children with disabilities again. Her condition will never substantially improve and we can offer her at home the better care. Despite her handicap is Neema a contented child, but is afraid in the dark and starts to cry when we have no power and the lights go black.

August 2014: Unfortunately, the worries do not end at the moment and we would like to inform you that the health condition of Neema concerns us since quite a while. She suffers from recurrent infections of the respiratory tract, not unusual for children with cerebral palsy, and can hardly keep the food down. We went with her to various physicians and hospitals, but  she could not really be helped.

On August 8th 2014 her condition worsened and she had to be hospitalized with a pneumonia.

September 2014: Since 15th of August 2014, Neema is back at home again. However, she is not really well and we wish we could do more for her, even so she reached according to several physicians already an above average age

November 2014: Neema was in the meantime again two times admitted to hospital. Once since she was once more in need of oxygen and once in the middle of the night since she required a blood  transfusion. Without that transfusion she would have probably not survived the next day.
She is nothing but skin and bones and has pain when she is touched. This makes it hard to look after her. Massages and other therapeutic exercises had to be discontinued.
In addition she has wounds all over her body. We thought first induced by lying, but the wounds are everywhere.
At the moment Neema is again at home, but needs to be taken to the hospital daily for an injection and for having her wounds treated.
It is painful to see her suffer.

November 2015: Neema passed away on 30 Oktober 2015. The details you can find here.