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April 2019: Incubator

Dear godparents, friends and supporters,

We are pleased to report that the Nice View Clinic has been able to purchase an incubator.

Previously, however, the team in Kenya had to overcome several obstacles. Some companies were unwilling to make a cost estimate or could not provide a device description. Also, it was not easy to get all the supplies.

In addition, the team in Kenya faced new regulations. Patients should not enter the laboratory if there is an incubator. Therefore, a new blood sampling site had to be created by separating the corridor leading to the laboratory by means of a built-in closet.

However, since about 2 weeks now cells can be cultured, and we continue to contribute to the medical care in Msambweni.

We sincerely thank for the generous donation.

Your Team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß

in the lab incubator the new blood sampling site