Our Children

Dear sponsors, donators and supporters,

We are committed to sharing our vision with you.

By publishing information on the internet, we want to give you the best possible insight into our projects.

To protect our children and teens, we refrain from making their data publicly available on the internet.

Please understand that, for instance, we change or anonymise names or chose not to disclose certain information on our children and their biographies.

As our sponsors receive the written stories of their sponsored children's lives, we ask you to treat personal data, photos and letters confidentially and to ensure that this information won't be disclosed, posted in social networks or forwarded to third persons.

Gruppenfoto 2020

At present, 33 children aged between 1 and 17 years live in Nice View Children's Village, 8 attend secondary school. Further 9 adolescents receive support on their way to an independent life, 3 of whom go to university (studying education, history and international relations as well as business administration/information technology) while the others pursue training programs to become a carpenter, an electrician, a car mechanic, a cook and a cosmetician/hairdresser or are still in secondary school. Please see the attachment for further details.

Additionally, we support the (vocational) education of 2 children/teens who live with their families again. 35 children from the nearby village whose parents can't afford the school fees for the Nice View Gratitude Academy receive support. For 20 children of our employees attendance to the Nice View Gratitude Academy is free.

Altogether, more than 70 children have found a home in Nice View Children's village, either temporarily or until they become self-reliant. For some children it was possible to return to their families, others were placed in a home more suitable for their special needs. Many young people have already completed their training and acquired a degree. Some even found a job in the Nice View projects as teacher, ambulance driver, in the office, in the hospital, in the kitchen or in the tailor's shop. Three children have left us forever.

Attached you will find two biographies as examples for many other children's life stories.