Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to complete an internship?

Unfortunately, we can at the moment not offer traineeship positions. Please bear with us.

Is it possible to send letters and packets to Kenya?

We receive 99 % of all postcards sent to us. However, we experience problems with letters and packets. In addition, custom charges are frequently above the value of the content of the packet. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to send packets to Kenya. In case you would like to send a packet, please forward them to 89297 Roggenburg. The next traveller to Kenya will take the packet to the children's village. Thereby weight and size should be considered since in the suitcase only limited space is available.

What can I give my godchild for their birthday or Christmas?

This is a difficult question that is again and again asked. Under the tab "How can I help?" --> "What is needed" we have posted a wish list describing what is needed in the Children's Village. Currently our storehouses are well-stocked with toys and clothes and our requirements are covered for a long time.

If you still want to give your godchild a birthday or Christmas present, we fully understand, and we are more than willing to pass it on directly to the children.

Save for the future --> For each child we have set up an account. For us it is important that each child has a beginning balance when they become independent. Instead of buying a present, you have the possibility to transfer money on the account with the codeword "Kinderkonto & name of the child". This is of course a very impersonal present, but for the children a good support on their way into independence.

How often will I receive news from the Children's Village or from Kenya?

To avoid high postal charges we confine ourselves to approximately 3 times a year. You will receive a letter or a newsletter and at least once a year also a photo from your godchild or a group photo from all children.

Why do I not receive an answer from Kenya?

In case you should not hear or receive an answer from the Nice View Children's Village for a longer time, we apologize for any inconvenience. Email and mail does not function like in Europe. Often we have no internet connection for days or no electricity for hours. Please also do not include email attachments with a size above 300 KB into emails send to Kenya. The connection speed is significantly worse compared to Europe and long load times are the product.

Can I visit my godchild or just the Children's Village?

Certainly you can visit your godchild and the Nice View Children's Village in Kenya. For us it is important that you have the possibility to get an idea of our work on site. We kindly ask you to inform us via SMS, a call or an email to ensure Gudrun is around and can keep free a day or a few hours. If time allows she will also show you the training centre, the 2nd children's village and the farm.

Are there accommodations in Msambweni and near by the Children's Village?

In our neighbourhood various houses can be rented. In addition there is a familial holiday complex directly on the Indian Ocean.

Willingly we help you to get a convenient accommodation and encourage you to get in touch.

How do I get to the Nice View Children's Village in Kenya?

Attached please find the directions

I am in Diani and would like to visit the Children's Village.... 

It is always possible to visit us on short notice. Just give us a call when you are in Kenya. If you wish we can also organize a taxi for a reasonable price.

Landline: +254 (0) 20 - 20 80 979 (Office)

Mobile:    +254 (0) 701 - 018 394 (Denise Dürr)

Mobile:    +254 (0) 721 - 254 356 (Gudrun Dürr)


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