General information about the sponsorship

A sponsorship arises from the heart and the amount is freely selectable for each according to his possibilities. You make no commitment and can revoke the payment at any time! We are happy to issue you a donation receipt.

If you do not want to have personal contact with a child, or if you do not want to support any of the projects, you can sponsor the entire Nice View project with a sponsorship. It is also possible at any time to personally inform yourself about the development of projects of the Nice View Trust Foundation by appointment in advance.

Click here for the online sponsorship application or complete the form attached.

If you have any questions you can always call us:

  • +49 (0)7300 - 919009 (landline)
  • +49 (0)0172 - 876 2 666 (mobile)

We're here to help

. . . because a world in which even one child suffers less is a better world!

Sponsor a child

We are very proud to offer ethically responsible child sponsorships within our project.

Thus, we always pool funds from sponsorships in order to be able to guarantee equal opportunities for our children.

No children are shown here for selection:

When you sponsor a child, you can choose between a boy or a girl. If you would like to become a pen pal for your children, you are welcome to enter possible hobbies or age details as free text. We will then introduce you to a child in writing.

By doing this, we ensure that the sponsorships are fairly distributed among the children. We keep you informed about the development of your child. You can write to them, send them a gift or meet them in person during a visit.

No child is forced to write letters, draw pictures or tell about his or her life:

It is important to us that our children grow up free of dependencies. They should learn to decide for themselves and to act responsibly.

However, experience shows that our children like to have and keep contact with their godparents.

Get active!

Our aim is to offer more children a home in the Nice View Children's Village and let them grow up in an affectionate, family-like atmosphere. With loving care day and night, a healthy nutrition, social education as well as school education and training, we want to give children a chance for a better future.

In fact, it is very rewarding to see that we get back much more than we give. Together we can do more, but we need more helping hands to achieve this.

Sponsor education: Nice View Gratitude Academy and Secondary School

Give a child from Msambweni access to good education.

All donations from school sponsors are pooled to support children from the village and the surrounding areas.

Nice View Gratitude Academy

Depending on the current financial situation, the headmaster and Mama Gudrun decide whether more children can be accepted. So far, more than 200 children have been admitted to the Nice View Gratitude Academy. For an overview of quarterly and yearly school fees please click here. The school fees vary from kindergarten to class 8. On average, it costs 250-400 euros to support a child for the duration of a year. The package includes everything the pupils need for solid school education, from supplies and books to proper clothing. We also make sure that they eat well by giving them breakfast (porridge) and a warm lunch. This is the basis of a successful school career and you can help us create this basis.

For more information on the Nice View Gratitude Academy please click here.

Secondary school

Although the Nice View Gratitude Academy only provides primary schooling (that ends with class 8), it is possible to sponsor further education as well. We added this opportunity to our programme because in Kenya, young people only have access to a trainee position or a job after having graduated from secondary school.

These funds are also pooled to finance the expenses of 800-1000 euros per child.

Sponsor the Nice View Medical Centre

We would be grateful to count you among the supporters of this project. Please help us improve the health system in the Msambweni region.