Administrative headquarters of the Nice View Trust Foundation (Nice View I)

The aid project's headquarters also host the administrative office as well as a workshop that performs maintenance and repair work for all sub-projects. Several storage rooms are also located here.

Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. is convinced that sustainable development assistance must be based on a master plan. Therefore the responsible persons decided to create the Nice View Trust Foundation (a charitable trust) as an umbrella organisation that embraces all of the projects.

In addition, the foundation was necessary for legal reasons because foreigners are no longer allowed to own land in Kenya.

Organigramm 2019


  • 1997 The Dürrs buy a plot of land in Msambweni financed from their own resources
  • March 13th, 2000  The Nice View Children‘s Village opens its doors to 8 orphans
  • 2006 Another plot is purchased: today's children's village Nice View II
  • 2010 The children (at that time 38) move to Nice View II
  • 2011 Administration office, workshop and storage rooms are installed at Nice View I