Children's village (Nice View II)

Meanwhile all children live on a property owned by the Nice View Trust Foundation which is approximately 1 km from Nice View I. It comprises a girls' and a boys' house, offices, a kitchen, a common room and other buildings. So far, more than 70 children have found a home here.

They usually stay until there 18th birthday. During the holidays, those of the young adults who still undergo training can be accommodated in Nice View II.

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A walk through Nice View Children's Village

At the gate of the children’s village, the Askari, the security guard, ensures that no one enters the property without permission or leaves with more than they had upon arrival. Guests who have a pre-arranged visit are always welcome. They are invited on a stroll around the children's village.

On our tour, we pass the school on the left hand side and reach the playground. Almost always you will find children on the slide or the swing while others are playing in the sand, climbing or playing football.

Entering the girls' house through the main entrance we see jackets hanging neatly on the hooks, shoes on a shoe rack and a whole lot of school bags.

The bright common room shows paintings of Mowgli and his friends. A table and a sofa invite us to sit and relax.

From here, the doors lead to the lovingly furnished bedrooms, the bathrooms and a small kitchen for preparing baby bottles at night.

The older girls sleep in three of the five bedrooms. The caretakers ("Mamas") stay in the other two bedrooms with the babies.

All of the neatly made beds have colourful sheets. Clothes and other belongings sit tidily on the shelves and there are cuddly toys waiting for every child. The two bathrooms are each equipped with two toilets, two sinks and a shower.

The dining hall overlooks the main kitchen where the meals are prepared and served. Here under the large Makuti roof, the children come together for communal meals or – on weekends and during the holidays – for dancing or other activities.

Going from the dining hall towards the school, we walk past some offices, through a well-tended garden with banana plants and tangerine trees towards the new multi-purpose building. It offers space for games, arts and crafts, reading, music and sports activities (e.g. Yoga) as well as a computer room that is shared with the school. The roof has been equipped with a solar system.

The boys' house is situated next to the multi-purpose building. It is furnished in the same style as the girls' house, but instead of Mowgli the Lion King watches over the children.

In front of the house, the boys have plenty of space for playing and comfortable sitting areas. The next buildings are the house for older girls and the well house that holds Nice View's own water supply.

We hope you enjoyed the stroll through the village!