The Farm

Subsistence farming on the South Coast of Kenya is not a matter of course in a region where soils are poor and fresh water is scarce.

Our farm project is spread over various places. On a rented plot, for instance, that measures around 5 acres and includes a lake, we keep chickens, ducks, turkeys and goats. We also grow coconuts, fruit and vegetables because there is plenty of water.

More areas for crop cultivation can be found next to the carpentry and the sports ground. Some farm animals such as goats, sheep, pigs and geese are housed nearby. The chickens have been moved to the children's village since the well on the site supplies enough water for all (as long as water is coming from the Kilimanjaro).

The farm project promotes self-supply and our children learn a lot about growing vegetables and keeping livestock.

On weekends and during the holidays, the place is turned into a camp site for the children. They enjoy helping on the farm, playing, fishing and feeding the animals. In the evenings, they gather around the campfire and sing.