1. Name, head office, address and year of establishment of the organisation

Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

Forststraße 9

89297 Roggenburg


Registry no. at Memmingen District Court: VR 20871

VAT ID: 151/110/20199



Year of establishment: 1997

2. Association statutes

Our statutes can be found here (in German only).

3. Recognition as tax-privileged corporation

according to the notice of exemption by the Neu-Ulm tax office, VAT ID 151/110/20199, as of 01/10/2014

4. Board members

  • Chair: Martina Domke (Pfaffenhofen)
  • Vice Chair: Michael Eipper (Herrenberg)
  • Treasurer: Marcel Dürr (Roggenburg)

5. Annual report

 All reports can be found under News.

6. Almost exclusively honorary work

Almost all association members are volunteers who help to find sponsors, promote the project on fairs and events and advise the board.

Marcel Dürr, in charge of accounting and marketing, receives a monthly compensation for marginal employment.

Gudrun Dürr is paid an expense allowance for her administration tasks.

Denise Dürr is an employee of the Nice View Medical Centre administration and handles the project coordination in Msambweni.

7. Source of funds

We derive the majority of our income from monetary donations (470,149.82 € in 2018). Donations in kind from individuals or entities (e.g. solar system, medical devices) amount to 1% of the income.

Our financial report can be found here (as file attachments and in German only).

8. Use of funds

Information about the use of all association funds can be found in the financial report (statement of revenue and expenditure).

Our financial report can be found here (as file attachments and in German only).

9. Nice View Trust Foundation

This charitable entity is responsible for the organisation and content of the overall Nice View project with all its sub-projects. Continuous contact with the Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. association and immediate transmission of all annual reports ensure control over the use of the funds and donations in kind provided by the association.

10. Individual donations

We have not received any individual donations that account for more than 10% of our yearly income.