Our projects

Sustainable development assistance must be based on a master plan.

This is why Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. supports the Nice View Trust Foundation which has the key task to care for orphaned and neglected children from babies to independent adults. The sub-projects comprise accommodation, family-based care, welfare, nutrition, medical care, kindergarten, school and training for the wards.

Under German management the association is able to give children who are born in one of the poorest regions in Kenya better prospects for the future. After growing up in the children's village, the first young adults have set off go to university or to earn their own living. They are well-prepared for the challenges of rapidly changing living conditions.

Many humanitarian aid organisations provide urgent assistance daily in war zones, refugee camps and during famines. This valuable endeavour must be completed by intensive efforts to avoid such indescribable misery in the future. Here, NGOs such as Nice View can make a small but effective contribution.

Kinderdorf Nice-View II

Children's village (Nice View II)

Meanwhile all children live on a property owned by the Nice View Trust Foundation which is approximately 1 km from Nice View I. It comprises a girls' and a boys' house, offices, a kitchen, a common room and other buildings. So far, more than 70 children have found a home here.

The hospital – Nice View Medical Centre

With the small hospital built and equipped according to European standards we aim to provide reliable medical care for the people living in one of the poorest regions in Kenya.



In our carpentry, all furniture, windows and doors are made for the Nice View Projects. Apprenticeship places and jobs for some villagers, forming the basis of existence for several families, are available.


The tailor's shop

The project's own tailor's shop helps to minimise the expenses for school uniforms and other clothing. African carvings, hand-made bags, shoes and clothes sold in the shop raise awareness for the Nice View Project.

The Farm

Subsistence farming on the South Coast of Kenya is not a matter of course in a region where soils are poor and fresh water is scarce.

Sports ground

Sports is almost as important as reading and writing – this is not any different in Kenya!