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Our farm project is spread over various places. For example, on a rented plot located at a lake, we keep chicken, ducks, turkeys and goats. In addition, we obtain from there coconuts, fruits and vegetables.

On the plot of the carpentry and the sports ground vegetables are grown. Furthermore, a chicken-house is put up on the sports ground at the moment.

The farm project contributes to self-supply and gives the children an understanding of vegetable growing and animal farming.

In the weekends and during holidays, the plot along the lake is turning into a children’s camp. Active cooperation, playing, fishing, taking care of the animals and singing in the evenings in front of the campfire is for the children a real pleasure.

The locals call the lake Mwambe In 2007 we begun to prepare the plot at the lake for farming Farm 2008 Onions and bananas Our magnificent aubergines Radishes are almost bigger than onions Masaka, our reliable co-worker, who manages the Nice-View farm 2008 Tomatoes Maize Joshua, he likes carrots... Also water melons grow, however, only the first seed was successful... The stable for rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, two cows and a donkey Mother and son ...... Our watchdogs Rhino and Tiger Adventure playground farm November 2008: Kahindi loves spending his weekends on the farm A few of the boys on the farm in 2008 (Francis, Pascal, Haji and Kahindi) The children love spending their weekends on the farm We think this is the biggest coconut of whole Kenya Harvest August 2008 The turkey... Blossom of a banana plant Blossom of a banana plant A gout The geese The turkey Chicken project and again the geese... and again... The cows and the donkey :=) The cows some gouts... Sunset above the lake...