Advanced training in obstetrics

Therefore, one of the goals is to improve the quality of care from the beginning of life, as a safe start for the next generation in Msambweni.

At the moment Katja is supporting us for 5 months. We have already restructured many things and also made the rooms more friendly.

She is a midwife in Germany, has over 35 years of experience in clinical and freelance obstetrics and conducts regular team training.

Emergency management, the management of complicated births, methods of pain relief and the importance of communication and emotional support are the focal points of these advanced training courses.

The team at NV Clinic is highly motivated, open to new things and is now also familiar with various birth positions (in Kenya, only the supine position during birth is common).

The standard of the Kenyan Ministry of Health is used as a basis, also for the handouts. Further offers such as birth preparation and breastfeeding assistance are planned. We are pleased about this nice addition to our clinic spectrum.

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