Awarded Federal Cross of Merit

On October 16, Gudrun Dürr was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her life's work in Nairobi.

The friendly association Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V., founded by her more than 20 years ago, initially consisting of only a few members and urgently in search of first godfathers and sponsors, has meanwhile become well-known beyond the country's borders. The Nice View projects in Kenya, initiated by her and her family, supervised locally and under a Trust Foundation, are a great success despite all adversities:

More than 70 children have found a loving home in the Nice View Children's Village, the first completed a vocational education or a degree. Many children from poor families can now attend school. And many destitute people now have access to medical care or found a place in one of the projects.

We are very pleased that over 20 years of hard work and tireless efforts now also find official recognition and congratulate wholeheartedly!

The conferment took place in a solemn ceremony at the embassy in Nairobi in the presence of members of the family, older Nice View children and friends. Attached are some pictures.

Haji talks about his childhood and experiences in Nice View:


Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß

Haji talks about his childhood and experiences in Nice View: