Building in Nice View on fire

Employees from all Nice View projects came running to lend a hand. Unfortunately, the kitchen was severely damaged and only a few objects are still working.

When the fire brigade arrived, the largest part of the outdoor kitchen had already burnt down.

Our two cooks Abinayo und Mwalimu selflessly did their best to fight the flames. Abinayo could not be prevented from climbing the burning roof to kill the fire with an extinguisher from there. He did not give his own safety a thought.

Thank God, there were no serious accidents. All children and employees remained unharmed.

Now we are struggling to rebuild the outdoor kitchen and we would be very grateful for any kind of help. 

We estimate the costs to amount to 10,000-15,000 Euros for timber, tin roofs, inventory, etc.

If you wish to support this specific purpose, please donate to:
IBAN: DE13 7305 0000 0430 8346 06
BIC: BYLADEM1NUL Sparkasse Neu-Ulm-Illertissen
Intended purpose: Kitchen reconstruction 

Thank you in advance! Asante Sana!

If you have a question, please contact us:
Mobile phone: +49172-8762666

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