Dr. Auma Obama on a visit

Gudrun met the Kenyan Germanist, sociologist, journalist, author and community activist by chance in Nairobi. When exchanging information on their respective aid projects, the two women found out that they have a lot in common. They share the goal of helping children and young people in need. 

Two weeks later, Auma and Akinyi came to Nice View. Everybody was very excited to welcome the famous personalities in Nice View.

The school received Auma and Akinyi with singing and dancing. Then Gudrun and Denise took the ladies on a tour around the school, the children's village, the clinic and the carpentry. The visit was a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

In the late afternoon, Auma and the Nice View children planted a palm tree that will remind us of this eventful and fascinating day.

Auma and Akinyi had much fun with the large Nice View family and stayed until after dinner.

Dr. Auma Obama is the sister of the former US President Barack H. Obama.

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