Girls Football Team of the Administrative District

The government of the appropriate administrative district has recently set up a girls' football team called UKUNDA STARLETS. The coach then immediately reported to Nice View, as he wanted to have T necessarily in the team (he has seen her play several times before). T and II then participated in a trial session and were both included in the team. Since then, the team has been training daily, preparing for a major tournament (CHAPA DIMBA) organized and sponsored by Safaricom (a mobile service provider).

In the course of the upcoming tournament, the best players will be selected and from them a team will be put together, which Kenya will then represent in Spain (again sponsored by Safaricom) at a tournament.

Our 2 girls are very proud that they have made it into the team, are now preparing for the big event and, of course, hope they will be discovered. That would be their biggest wish!

Eugene has also given the team five footballs on behalf of the Nice View Children's Village so they can train better. The coach was overwhelmed, as a comparatively support from the administrative district has been missing so far, and wanted to send for a newspaper reporter.

We are happy and keep our fingers crossed for the two girls!

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