Health campaign on obstetrics

First there was a tour of the clinic to show what we offer. Then, over tea and biscuits, we talk about pregnancy.

We then went to various stations where the women could learn more about the birth process in our clinic.

In the delivery room, it was explained what positions women can have during childbirth (in Kenya, childbirth is mainly in the supine position).

Blood pressure was measured and heart sounds were heard.

There was education about nutrition during pregnancy and also a birth preparation course (what happens in the body during birth, breathing techniques, etc.).

There was also a station to explain the importance of early detection examinations for children. Information was also given about the nutrition of the children.

As a highlight, an ultrasound was offered for the pregnant women:

A German midwife, who regularly does team training for obstetrics, was once again in Kenya and carried out the ultrasound examinations on the women.

Finally, everyone received a few packets of pregnancy vitamins.

All women were very enthusiastic and grateful that they were allowed to be there.

Thank you for the report that reached us from Kenya.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.