Music Videos

Dr. Harald C. Gäckle from Ulm, together with his team, recorded songs professionally in the children’s village in the summer and shot the corresponding music videos. The children had eagerly awaited him as he had been in the children's village the year before and had taken first videos with the children. Something that was real fun for them.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to publish these for legal reasons.
To avoid this dilemma, the children now had a year to write their own songs. We are amazed at what came out of it. The children can rightly be proud!

I’m a girl and you’re a boy:
This song was written by the Nice View Children 
Singing: Cinthia Koeksal together with the Nice View Children 

I saw the light:
This song was written by R
Singing: Cinthia Koeksal and Nice View Children 

In meinem Herzen:
This song was written by Dr. med. Harald C. Gäckle.
Singing: Cinthia Koeksal and Nice View Children 

Guitar: Miguel Estrada

Idea, music, camera and video:
- HCG Music Ulm (Dr. Harald C. Gäckle)

Mix and Master:
- Chris Jones - Peak - Studios

The association Projekt Schwarz - Weiß e.V. in Germany and the Nice View Trust Foundation in Kenya (Msambweni) together with staff and children would like to thank all that made this happen - Asante Sana -!

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß