Mwanasha goes her way

It takes a lot of courage, self-confidence and diligence to say “yes”. Mwanasha said yes. Becoming a nurse was and is your dream job.

When I met Mwanasha, she was a rather shy, reserved young woman who was in class F 19 (spring 2019) at the vocational school for nursing in Günzburg. I have been your teacher. And what can I say: It was not easy for Mwanasha to master everything that came up in this training. The complex German language, bundled with the many medical terms, with exams in which the questions are already complex and demanding, with weekend services, with early, late and night services, with Corona special regulations, with online lessons, with work orders, with practical reports and much more. Mwanasha did it! With a lot of diligence, incredible willpower and courage to just tackle it, she went her own way for 3 years.

When I look at Mwanasha now, I see a young woman who is living life to the full. Confident, confident, strong and courageous.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on passing the exam and respectfully take my hat off to you. Well done. Keep walking your path, wherever it may lead you.

See you soon, all the best

Ilona Strobel

nursing teacher,

Vocational school for nursing