Nice View Gratitude Academy School Yearly Report For The Academic Year 2021

It is with great happiness that we have come to the end of the academic year 2021, as the head teacher Nice View Gratitude Academy I would like to thank each and every one who has participated in this year and made it a success. The year has been quiet long, tiresome and a smooth one since we had no any major events.  Our academic school year 2021 started in July and ends in March 2022. After a longer holiday break, the school year 2022 starts in May 2022. There was no major academic activities that took place neither did we participate in any co-curricular activities. This is basically due to the restrictions that the government has kept in relation to the health related issues.

In terms of academics, the school is glad to be associated with the German nation by teaching the German language; this is the courtesy of the director employing a German teacher who is doing a wonderful job. Very soon the school will be a German speaking zone and one once we achieve this it will be a milestone achievement that we will brag to the community.

On the admission of new pupils (February 2022 are 50 pupils) to the school, these year we are glad that the number of pupils that joined the school was a remarkable one and we are so grateful to the parents that have trusted and made Nice View Gratitude Academy as their model school, in our hearts you shall always be appreciated and we will not disappoint you. At the moment we have 150 pupils in our school and 30 children (under 3 years) in our day care nursery.  

Apparently, we have had some development in the school one of which he have had new teachers in the school in addition to the new teachers, is that the school is also in the process of adapting to new teaching methods that are basically touching on the learners interest and potentials. These new teaching methods have been pioneered by Madam Eva from Germany and we are so grateful and appreciative for her good work and commitment

With her help, Nice View Gratitude Academy was able to create a new concept that mainly revolves around learning methods. We call the new concept: "Nice View School, Msambweni: “Conception of open education"                              

Directed by the Nice View coordination team of open learning methods (NVCT) My hope and desire as the head of the school is to see that the schools goes to a whole new level and advance in all aspects.

Another advancement is that we have renovated our class rooms by repainting and decorating the pre-primary classes and repainting the rest of the classes this is to ensure that the learners have a conducive and educative learning environment. The renovation of the classes is currently up to class three but as we go for the recess, we are intending to paint the remaining classes so that they can all be in the best condition as possible.

This year we have 15 candidates who are to sit for their end of Kenya primary education exams on 7th march 2022. With the immense work that has been invested in the pupils by our 6 able team of teachers, we are confident that the pupils can calmly and confidently sit for their exam and do the best. We pray for the best out of them and that they can uplift the name of nice view gratitude academy.

Despite the challenges that the country, the economy and the world is facing in general we have been able to stand strong  and maintained our strength in fighting the difficult situations as a school that’s why we have come this far.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Prepared by Nice View Gratitude Academy,

Head Teacher, Haji Omari (who grew up in the Nice View Children's Village)