Nice View Gratitude Sport Report

 1. Introduction: We are delighted to present this report on the outstanding performance of our Handball Boys and Netball Girls teams at the county games, where they secured the second position overall. This achievement has earned them a well-deserved opportunity to compete in the upcoming regional games. This report highlights the teams' performance, key players, and the preparations needed for the regional level.

2. Team Performance at County Games: Both the Handball Boys and Netball Girls teams displayed exceptional skills, teamwork, and determination throughout the county games. Their consistent performance resulted in securing the second position in their respective categories. The teams showcased their talents and demonstrated their commitment to excellence in every game they played.

2.1   Handball Boys: The Handball Boys team exhibited remarkable athleticism and strategic play during the county games. They displayed excellent coordination, quick reflexes, and strong communication on the court. Their passion for the sport and hard work paid off, as they secured the second position overall. Notable players such as TT, A.H., and M.J. demonstrated exceptional skill and leadership, contributing significantly to the team's success.

2.2    Netball Girls: The Netball Girls team demonstrated exceptional skill, agility, and teamwork throughout the county games. They exhibited precise passing, accurate shooting, and effective defensive strategies. Their ability to work together as a cohesive unit was evident in their gameplay, leading to their remarkable achievement of securing the second position overall. Standout players such as YY, XX and B.M. exhibited exceptional sportsmanship and contributed significantly to the team's triumph.

3. Advancing to the Regional Level: As a result of their outstanding performance in the county games, both the Handball Boys and Netball Girls teams have earned the opportunity to compete at the regional level. This achievement demonstrates their exceptional talent and dedication, as they now have the chance to represent our school against other formidable teams in the region.

4. Preparations for the Regional Games: In preparation for the regional games, it is crucial for both teams to continue their rigorous training and further enhance their skills. The coaching staff, led by Coach's Miss Ascah and Miss Esther assisted by Miss Lavender (Head Teacher) Mr. Koros and Miss Pauline and Mr.  Raphael, will focus on refining team strategies, strengthening individual skills, and addressing any areas that require improvement. Additionally, they will emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, and mental preparedness to ensure that the teams perform at their best during the upcoming regional games.

5. Conclusion: We extend our warmest congratulations to our Handball Boys and Netball Girls teams for their exceptional performance in the county games, securing the second position overall. Their dedication, hard work, and talent have earned them the opportunity to compete at the regional level. We are confident that with their relentless determination, strong team spirit, and continued preparation, they will represent our school admirably and achieve great success in the upcoming regional games.

6. Appreciation: we extend immense appreciation to non-teaching for ensuring our players ate a well-cooked balanced diet during the entire games. We also thank our teaching staff for consistently encouraging our players during preparation for games .To our Administration team lead by Miss Hannah, Miss Doris and Miss Lavender (Head teacher) we say thank you for motivation and financial support.

To our able director we also say thank you and God bless you.

Best of luck to both teams as they embark on this exciting journey! Let us continue to support and cheer for our Handball Boys and Netball Girls as they strive for victory at the regional games.

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Mr. Victor Ghare & Miss Pauline

Your Sports Team Manager

Date: 10th July 2023