The Nice View Medical Center - A look back at 2020

However, 2020 was not an easy year for the entire clinic. Malaria was again a major challenge this year, as treatment with tablets often no longer worked and many patients had to be treated intravenously.

In addition, from one moment to the next, all state hospitals have been on strike for about 3 months and the Nice View Clinic has not only reached its capacity limit, but has significantly exceeded it. Also, many people could not be treated adequately because the appropriate treatment options were unfortunately not available.

Every year we experience dramatic fates there, which we first have to deal with and which are unimaginable in a European health system.

Unfortunately, we can only offer a "small" range of medical care and treatment options in the Nice View Clinic and we hope to be able to gradually expand this over the next few years, depending on financial possibilities.

Our goals for 2021:

  • Commissioning of the OP
  • More offer in the field of obstetrics (birth preparation courses, child care, etc.)
  • Laboratory expansion

Your Team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.