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A group of employees of FLMH (a communications and advertising agency based in Berlin) traveled for their project ‘Nice View Reporter’ to Msambweni a few weeks back. The participating students should be taught basic skills in photography, image selection and image editing. It was also discussed what it really means to be a reporter, how to gather information for reports and publish them on the internet.

For this purpose, firstly the computer room had to be connected to the internet. For that reason, a few of the FLMH employees left for Kenya a few days before the start of the project week.

When the team was complete and everything prepared, it was finally time to start gathering information for stories from Msambweni. The Nice View Reporters, consisting of students and teachers and supported by the staff of the FLMH and others, were sent to interview people in the village. Topics included what professions there are in the village, what training opportunities are, how the hospital works or the small design agency on the main street. Gradually, the content of the Nice View Reporters filled in a prepared blog, which was released at the end of the project week.

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The students and teachers were enthusiastic and are determined to continue the project in a working group.

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