Report Patronage - Nice View Trust Foundation: Dr. Auma Obama

It is an important sign of appreciation for all of us and we are honoured to have Dr. Auma Obama as our patron.

We are happy to welcome Dr. Auma Obama to our Nice View family.

At a time when volunteering and social commitment often take a back seat to other things, the recognition for all those who are committed to helping children and young people cannot be great enough. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Auma Obama to our Nice View family.

It motivates me that I am really making a difference and improving things with all my involvement.

All children and youth have abilities, talents, hopes, dreams and goals. We as a society have a responsibility to support children and young people, to support them and to provide them with opportunities and possibilities. The better we succeed in this all-society and very important task, the more securely we look to the common future of our country.

Dr. Auma Obama

Portrait Dr. Auma Obama

In 2010, Dr Auma Obama established the Sauti Kuu Foundation, of which she is the Executive Director. The Foundation aims to give a voice to financially and socially disadvantaged children and youth in rural Kenya. Using a self-help model, it works to realise their potential and empower them to play an active role in improving their lives.

Vision: To work with disadvantaged children, youth and their families to identify existing and available local resources that they can use responsibly to achieve sustainable economic independence to improve their lives.