Report on the two-day camp in Mwambe

First day

Our older brothers, who have a driving license, took care of the transport. We drove the short distance to Mwambe in three groups. We had everything we needed with us because Mwambe is located in the middle of the bush on a very large reservoir. Hippos and, very early on, crocodiles have also been spotted there. We were looking forward to an adventure far away from civilization.

Upon arrival, a short meeting was held to set the ground rules, we were divided into groups and briefed on our responsibilities. Then the place was prepared by first cleaning and preparing the sleeping places.

A group prepared lunch for all of us.

In the afternoon we all went for a walk in the forest and came across a waterfall, we stayed there until sunset, swam and had a lot of fun together with the supervisors. In the evening one group prepared dinner while the others prepared the campfire area.

After dinner, various games were played around the campfire, e.g. B. Card games, spin the bottle and the funniest game was "Truth or Dare" as well as singing games.

Later, the entire team enjoyed the unlimited range of activities together with music and dance.

Second day

One group got up early and prepared breakfast according to the plan and served the others. After breakfast we swam and played on the lakeshore. Later, the remaining family members, our younger children and the rest of the carers joined us to spend the day with us in Mwambe.

Afterwards, the entire Nice View family set out for another walk through nature and looked for sticks for the whole family to make the traditional stick bread. Once we found enough sticks for everyone, we went to the waterfall one last time to swim and then rushed back to the campsite to continue with the day's program.

The camping team teamed up with the young children and spent the whole day preparing lunch and playing various games. After lunch, the camp team met for a final meeting to reflect on the camp experience. This gave everyone the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings during the camp; Additionally, campers were able to say what they liked about the camp and where they see room for improvement, as well as make suggestions for future camps.

After the briefing, the campsite was cleaned up and the entire family headed home for the New Year celebration at the Nice View Children’s Village.

We are thankful for the report that reached us from Kenya.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.