School Development Day at Nice View Gratitude Academy 31/07/21

CBC (Competency based Curriculum) is a new education system designed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) team and launched by the ministry of education in 2017. The essence of CBC The CBC is designed to emphasize developing skills and knowledge and applying those competencies to real-life situations.

  • As a result, a coordination team was formed at Nice View School to make the school more "open" according to these criteria
  • On a school development day, the teachers worked out and tried out the different elements of open teaching and different methods and social forms together under guidance.
  • Group and partner work was tried out in different constellations, role plays were developed and presented, lessons on different topics were developed, all with a view to making the school more open and student-oriented in the future.
  • The first steps have been taken, the next steps are planned, it will certainly take some more time, but we are on the right track, ...

We are thankful for the report that we received from Kenya.

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