School trip to Mamba Village

The trip for the preprimary and grades school on 6th July 2018 arrived and pupils came to school early that day. They boarded the bus and proceeded for Mamba Village in Nyali, Mombasa. The excitement on their faces could be read from a far.

They arrived their destination and everything was set to go. They were taken around the Mamba Village, studying different Crocodiles in their various habitations. The tour guide explained each and every detail about the site and how it came to be called Mamba Village. She explained to her visitors that the Mamba name is a Swahili name for Crocodile.

Our pupils were so amazed by the existence of so old crocodiles, one of which is called Big Daddy; he is the oldest Crocodile in the site with approximately 110years. They learnt that the crocodile is a man eater, found in Tana River and brought to be tamed.

The crocodiles were collected from various rivers and lakes in Kenya and placed in their respect holdings. Some of the rivers and lakes are R. Tana, L. Turkana, etc. they got a chance to hold a young crocodile in their hands. It was a thrilling feeling for them.

The pupils learnt that the big reptile feeds only on meat. They were excited to be told that they reproduce by laying eggs which hatch after a period of time.

They were taken to a snake park where they had a chance to view various Types of snakes like The Green mamba, the python among others.

Later after a much satisfying lunch, they went to the amusement park for entertainment and kid games. Here they joined other kids from various schools who had visited the site also. In the park they enjoyed the merry-go-round and ride on ducks and driving toy cars. This marked the climax of their tour and all were happy for the fun day.