Successful video shooting in Nice View

We gladly honoured his request and in early January – 8.5 years after our first film on Nice View – Petra, Holger and I returned to Msambweni with our camera.

With great enthusiasm we got to work. Having constantly been in contact with Marcel and Gudrun, we were aware that the project was developing, but to see the progress and change with our own eyes after a couple of years was really exciting.

And our high expectations were even exceeded.

Nice View has developed tremendously thanks to the family's commitment. Many of Gudrun's hopes and visions, with which she founded Projekt Schwarz-Weiß 20 years ago, have become reality.

The first generation of orphans has grown up. Some of them have started vocational training while others have already graduated and received a qualification. But most importantly, they still help carry the roof of Nice View.

We captured a typical week in Nice View with our camera. Over and over, the strong engagement of the family members and many of the Kenyan employees working for Nice View fascinated us. One thing we will definitely take home is the very special atmosphere in which the children grow up. This atmosphere makes them interact kindly and responsibly. It was overwhelming how warmly we were welcomed and that everyone supported our work.

There is joy and enthusiasm in every pair of eyes you meet in Nice View.

We enjoyed the shooting days very much and hope that we will be able to document our impressions in the new film and open up new promotional opportunities for the project with video ads in Kenya.

There's still a lot of work ahead of us, but we really look forward to tackling it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants once again for their support ...

Petra, Holger and Torsten