Surgery (metal removal) went very well!

After a few weeks of rehabilitation, he was allowed to fly back to the Nice View Children's Village in Kenya, free of pain.

Then unfortunately CORONA came and it seemed almost impossible that JJ could come back to Germany for metal removal.

We are very happy that everything went well and that JJ is already allowed to fully use his leg again and that all metals have been removed.

THANK YOU to all friends, acquaintances, godparents, sponsors and the very nice clinic team at the RKU Ulm who have contributed to the fact that JJ is not confined to a wheelchair. An incredibly beautiful feeling! The young man who was admitted to Nice View in 2005 would like to say a big thank you!


In December 22 JJ flies back and will use the time here in Germany positively.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.