Upper primary trip to Kilifi

On 20th July 2018 the school visited the Pwani University farm, the Kilifi sisal Plantations and Dairy farm, and the Mtwapa weather station in Kilifi County.

In the Pwani University the students were able to interact with university’s environment, in the farm they learnt a lot about dairy keeping, chicken rearing, pig rearing and crop farming.  They got to know the different breed of dairy cows good for milk production like the Jersey and Friesian breeds.

The farm had a broad production of chicken products like eggs and meat for layers and broilers consecutively.

In the crops farm they learnt to divide the farm fields into portions to raise different crops like tomatoes, kales, among other crops.

Later they proceeded to the Kilifi Plantations where they were happy to learn how the sisal is processed and prepared into final materials in the industry. They were taken through each process of sisal processing to the last step they are packaged in bundles for sales and exportation.

They also learnt about power production by use of Biogas Digester. The by-products of sisals are used as biogas material to produce biogas electricity which is used within the area for lighting. The biogas digester system is also fed with cow dung.

Later they visited the Mtwapa Weather station where they learned broadly about different instruments used to study and measure weather conditions around the coast geographical area.