Why the Nice View family holds family home evening every Saturday

We all have a lot of fun preparing for the individual performances or family games. They practice with joy every Saturday afternoon and put together the evening program. The tables for dinner are festively decorated and the children plan dinner according to their wishes.

Children obey more readily, and family loyalty and unity increase.

We have also noticed a change in behavior in all of the children since we started having regular family home evenings every Saturday.

Home is the place where children can best learn everything that is necessary for life.

We notice very strongly that our family home evening fosters love and trust in families. As a result, the family understands each other better and the team spirit is enormous. The children know that they can put on a performance for the family every Saturday and it encourages them to develop their own talents.

There is another highlight on the last Saturday evening of the month, when the birthdays of the month are celebrated and the happy birthday party is very popular with the whole family.

After a busy week with us in Nice View, our family evening is an oasis of calm in everyday life and a reliable retreat.

Thank you for the report that reached us from Kenya.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.