After a great presentation by Marcel Dürr, at the Lions Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm in September 2021, the idea grew in our Lions Club to donate 5000 Euro for the children's home "Nice View" in Msambweni Kenya, through our support association.

But not only that: Many Lions members also wanted to visit the children's home on site. So finally 22 Lions members and 6 of their children got together to plan and start the trip to Kenya.

Upon arrival, in the pouring rain, at the guest house "Paradise Garden" in Msambweni, we were warmly welcomed by Denise Dürr and her parents Eddie and Gudrun Dürr. Not only the accommodations, even with a big swimming pool (!), were very nice and well maintained, also the food was not only good, but sensational. Some already older children from the Nice View Childrens Village cooked and served us daily with delicious food and drinks. Always friendly and always with a smile on their lips. Already the next day the weather cleared up, it became warmer and we visited the children's village. There we had the opportunity to take part in the Easter service, which the children performed with successful singing and dancing. Then we went on an Easter egg and gift hunt with the children on the grounds of the Children's Village. The day ended with a game of soccer with the children, as well as with "Crazy Olympic Games".

We were all impressed by the cheerfulness of the children and the good accommodations for the children. However, we were even more impressed by the warm interaction of the children with each other and with the educators ("nannies"). All the children were open-minded, cheerful and immediately played many fun games with us. Some Lions members decided to spontaneously take on sponsorships (for the children they had particularly taken to their hearts). In the following days, we had the opportunity to visit other projects of the Children's Village. In the Nice View Hospital, Dr. Thürigen and her husband Dr. Wolfgang Thürigen were even able to spontaneously take medical action. One child had a bad abscess on his middle finger and had to be operated on quickly. Another child had severe abdominal pain. However, the ultrasound examination ruled out anything worse. It was probably just an intestinal infection. After the hospital we visited the (excellently equipped) carpentry workshop of the project and were able to watch the carpenters at work. The quality of the furniture made there is excellent.

In the following days, the children joined us in the guest house and we were able to splash around in the pool together and get to know each other even better in an informal atmosphere.

On the day before our trip home, we visited the Nice View School, the entire grounds, as well as all buildings and accommodations of the children's village. Later in the evening, during a party in the children's village, the cheque was to be handed over to the Lions friends who had stayed at home, with a live transmission via "Webex". The nannies and children had prepared a great festive evening especially for us under the motto "African Night". First there was a feast with various African delicacies. Afterwards, the check was handed over with a singing performance rehearsed by us (Fliegerlied/heut ist so ein schöner Tag/Hakuna Matata). Interestingly, the Nice View children even knew the German song and spontaneously danced and sang with us. Afterwards, the children delighted us with great singing and excellent dancing. There are no words to describe this atmosphere. Late in the evening, tears flowed on both sides as we said goodbye. Our thanks for this great week in Nice View Children's Village, goes to all the children, the Nannies, Denise, Pascal and Gudrun Dürr and not to forget Eddie Dürr, who has created almost superhuman things in his life through his tireless efforts.

It was clear to us that the symbiosis of unconditional child love and child education by Gudrun Dürr and the construction of buildings and workshops by Eddie Dürr, has worked excellently over all these years and is probably unique in this world in this constellation. The fact that a whole family, such as Marcel Dürr, who is on the board of directors of the Schwarz Weiss project from Germany, and his siblings Denise and Pascal, who are actively involved in the project on site in Kenya and support their parents Gudrun and Eddie in such a great way, has made a lasting impression on us. One can only say thank you to this very special family.

The further support of the Nice View Children's Village by the Lions, be it through sponsorships or donations, is planned for the future and after this unique experience it is a matter of course for all of us.

All participants of the trip were and are enthusiastic about this excellent project, which brings a little light into the darkness of this world.

We all want to say Asante sana and Kwaheri - until next time.

Dr Harald Gäckle

President of the Lions Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm


On behalf of all childen and employees in Kenya, as well as on behalf of Projekt Schwarz Weiß e.V., a big thank you for the great support.

Your team of Pojekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.