Medical Camp

On July 16th 2017, the Nice View Medical Centre once again organised a medical camp. This time it took place in the Jomo Kenyatta Primary School, a state elementary school. Malaria and blood glucose tests as well as blood pressure measurements and respective treatments were offered free of charge.

Together with an external lab assistant hired for the event, our two lab assistants, two of our clinical officers and two of our nurses were on duty at the camp. 

The camp started at 7 o'clock in the morning and was closed at 6 in the evening. The first patients arrived at 7.30 and by the end of the day, 310 patients had been examined. 46 patients were found to be malaria positive, 11 suffer from high blood pressure and 5 have diabetes. The rest of them had malaria-like symptoms which proved to be influenza or simply came to have their blood pressure or glucose level tested.

The day camp did not affect the normal operation of the Nice View Medical Centre.

It was a successful day on which many patients, mainly elderly people, received medical help. Without the camp they wouldn't have seen a doctor and probably would have died because they cannot afford treatment.

The Nice View team hopes to be able to organize another camp this year.

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