Nice View Children's Village in times of the pandemic

Martin has not yet been called and is still at home at the moment.

For the other children, school lessons and leisure activities are still being organised, some of which are really bearing fruit in the form of tomatoes, for example.

The report that reached us from Kenya:


As much as the corona pandemic has been a huge threat, it also brought into minds of parents and caretakers varieties of ideas concerning how to engage children in various activities, in order to minimize many risks that come as a result of children being idle and having nothing to do.

We are a very productive home and we want our children to be ready for the future and to share out their knowledge with other children for many generations to come. Our children engaged in various agricultural activities which involved planting, watering the plants, taking care of the environment and coming up with ways of using what they have to come up with something.  We started a project on planting of various crops using sacks because this saves on the amount of space used and improves our level of creativity which we also pass forward to our children. A group of children have a specific day of taking care of the crops they planted; these activities include watering the crops and monitoring on their growth on daily basis. Apart from keeping the children busy, we have also produced some vegetables out of that project which are greatly useful in our home. We are so confident on what our children are learning because we are sure that they will be able to sustain themselves in the near future and this is our greatest achievement.

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