Nice View Family - Annual Report 2023

The Nice View team set many goals for this year (e.g. the introduction of a new work structure for the respective areas, wooden cladding and a new roof for the boys' house, repair of the Makuti roofs) and we worked diligently to implement them. 

There was great news in March when a new baby came into our family. We were all very happy and all the children swarmed around the little one with a lot of interest and love. Together we thought of a nice name. The little boy has now found a real and loving home and a new family with us.

This year we acquired knowledge about permaculture for our vegetable and fruit cultivation. We tried out a few variations, and most of the children participated very actively. This method, which is new to us, is very interesting for us and the children and we learned a lot from our experiments over the course of the year.

It is always our desire to show our children new ideas and, above all, how they can assert themselves in today's world and especially in the future. That's why we are very grateful for the support we receive from our sponsors and supporters.

In August we had the honor of receiving an invitation from Dr. Auma Obama to a holiday camp, which was to take place in her project “Sauti Kuu”, in Siaya County - Alego. We were very happy about this and put everything in place so that some of our children could take part in the camp. They were very excited as they set out on this long and very interesting journey to Siaya County. They were accompanied by their big sister Lavender, who already knew her way around the area. They traveled to Nairobi by train and then took a bus to the organization's headquarters.

Our children told us every detail and they were surprised at how long the trip was, as for some of them it was the first time they had traveled such a long distance. They really enjoyed their stay there and took part in the various activities and made many friends along the way. Apart from the homesickness that most of them had, they would probably like to go there again. 

Later we received so many positive reports about our children's good behavior and we were so proud of them. We would like to thank everyone who supported our children and ensured that they had a good stay in Siaya. We would also like Dr. Auma Obama for the invitation, it was a great honor for us.

Towards the end of the year we received terrible news that shocked and left the entire Nice View family in a heartbroken state. On November 12th we lost our child, Martin (24), in an accident. It was a heartbreaking time for the Nice View family and a very sad way to end the year. We are still dealing with our grief and comforting each other. The family has become very close. The loss has brought us together as a family like never before, and we believe everything happens for a reason.

We have set ourselves many goals for the new year in the various areas of the project such as school, clinic, workshop and children's daycare center (e.g. redesigning the daycare center, completing the interior of the youth houses, expanding the sports offerings) and we are confident that we will achieve much of this. We look forward to a new year.

We would like to thank Project Schwarz-Weiß and the Nice View Trust Foundation for always supporting us in our plans and processes and for all the love we feel. We wish you a happy new year full of blessings.


The Nice View Family