Nice View Reporter

By planning and producing together, they also developed their cooperative and creative talents, gained self-confidence and got to know other forms of learning. Also for the teachers involved, and not least for the nine who came from Germany, it was once again a week with many new insights and common learning steps. And there was much laughter.

Three teams got down to work: "Team Blue" set off with professional video equipment and shot a short film about the work to protect the Colobus Monkeys at the Colobus Conservation Center. „Team Green" drove to the Marine Education Center in Diani and recorded a podcast about the protection of the marine flora and fauna. And "Team Red" visited the huge ore mine of Base Titanium and reported about the work there in a report and in interviews. All reports can be seen on the website

The reporter blog will continue to be filled with new reports. And the Berliners are already looking forward to next year, when the Nice View Reporters will swarm out with them again.