Prices continue to rise extraordinarily

Dear sponsors, donators and friends, 

The exploding food prices that we observe in Europe have also become a sad reality in Kenya. The Nice View Trust Foundation keeps us posted about current developments and together with the team, we assess the gravity of the situation for the children's village and the Nice View projects.

In the 20+ years since its establishment, Nice View has become a very important aid project in the Msambweni region on the south coast of Kenya. Besides being one of the biggest employers around, the Nice View Trust Foundation opened a school and kindergarten where at present 200 children not only get access to education but also receive healthy meals. In addition, the Foundation operates a hospital that today offers medical care to more than 10,000 people per year. Many of the patients seeking help in the Nice View clinic cannot afford medical treatment elsewhere.

With its diverse projects, the Nice View Trust Foundation helps several hundred people a day. It does not receive any support from the Kenyan government. To reduce food expenses, Nice View has its own productive farm for growing vegetables and keeping a few farm animals. The project's carpentry workshop also handles external orders to generate income. Despite all these efforts, the major part of the living expenses comes from donations to the registered association Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all donators, sponsors and friends who support Nice View. We are very grateful to have someone like you by our side! ASANTE SANA!

After many years of building and establishing our projects, our utmost concern is now to maintain the quality of our aid activities. Every child seeking refuge in Nice View should always get the support he or she needs, grow up in a safe family atmosphere, as well as receive education and training. The unexpected rise in global market prices for essential goods is a huge challenge for the Nice View aid project.

Here are some examples of recent price developments: 1 egg from 10 KSh to 15 KSh
2 kg cornmeal from 110 KSh to 200 KSh
1 kg corn grains from 50 KSh to 85 KSh
1 kg red beans from 50 KSh to 90 KSh
1 l milk from 50 KSh to 90 KSh
1 kg tomatoes from 50 KSh to 100 KSh
1 l diesel from 100 KSh to 140 KSh, expected to rise to 180 KSh in the near future
The minimum wage increased by 12%.

The association Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. is now making every possible effort to absorb the price increase and to support the Nice View Trust Foundation in its responsibility for the children and employees under its care in Kenya.

Please help us spread the word and invite others to join in funding the Nice View projects in these difficult times to ensure that they remain a safe haven for people who would otherwise not have a chance to lead a decent life.

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Rest assured that we are deeply grateful for your support!

Would you like to take a tour in the Nice View children's village and get an impression of our work in Kenya? Visitors are always welcome! For accommodation in Msambweni we recommend the Paradise Garden holiday resort which is located on the shoreline.

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Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

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