We help children in need! Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. (association Black-White) is a children aid project that supports Africa's orphans. In the by us looked after Nice View Children`s Village in Kenya find abandoned, orphaned and abused children a new home. The overall concept is to provide them with everything they need, from being a small baby up until independence. Feeling of security - love - shelter - provisions - medical supply - kindergarten - school - apprenticeship ...

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September 2018: We need your support !

Dear godparents, friends and supporters,

after a few years there have failed two important things in the clinic: The used generator got irreparable damaged and at almost the same time the changeover switch of the solar system got damaged.

Generator about 5.000,-€
Changeover switch approx. 2.500,-€ (installation included)

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August 2018: Ultrasound

Dear sponsors, friends and supporters,

We are proud to inform you that we can offer ultrasound scans in the Nice View Medical Centre now. Once a week we are supported by a specialist who performs ultrasound examinations when medically necessary.

The ultrasonic device was part of the latest container delivery. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this possible!

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August 2018: Hope

We had to wait quite a long time for the lab results from Nairobi. Unfortunately, they confirmed that Hope is infected with HIV. (It is not possible to detect the virus in children who are younger than 2.)

Nevertheless we don't lose courage. Nowadays there is effective medication available in Kenya und Hope is doing remarkably well. She is already as tall as Natalie (although Natalie is almost a year older).

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August 2018: Visitor Report from Monika Podszuck

Experience report as of 4/8/2018

When I visited Kenya for another time I was very pleased to be a guest at Nice View Children's Village and Nice View Medical Center. I was highly impressed by what has been accomplished here and by the efforts still being made every day. Together with her family and other contributors Gudrun Dürr have done a great deal of work.

August 2018: Donations in kind and container transportation

In 2017 we got two aid convoys delivered to Mombasa and in 2018 another container followed.

This 40ft sea container – loaded with school furniture, clothes, spare parts and many other useful supplies – was sponsored by a friend. It was also due to him that we received "new" used school furniture.
Still, the customs duties, harbour charges and transportation from Mombasa to Msambweni are very expensive (about EUR 5000-6000). Therefore we would be delighted to find more sponsors to help us cope with the costs.

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July 2018: Yoga

As of recently, yoga can be offered once weekly in the new two-storey building.

The instructor is provided by a hotel in Msambweni free of charge.
The Nice View children are enthusiastic!

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

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July 2018: Internship during holidays

Our youths who are at the polytechnic at present, support us during holidays in the respective sections of the Nice View Trust Foundation. The idea is that this contributes to deepen the skills learned and to learn new skills and abilities.

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July 2018: David

David (by now of legal age) has now decided to live his life independently. We think this to be somewhat premature but he wants to be on his own.

David finished secondary school end of last year and could have been starting an apprenticeship at a good hotel in Mombasa once the applied-for ID was ready to be collected.

His attained average in school was unfortunately not sufficient in order for him to take up post-secondary studies.

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June 2018: Faima

If possible in any way, the Kenyan youth welfare center strives to reintegrate children into their families. Faima has thus been living with her mother for w while now.

Her mother has remarried and her now stable financial circumstances even allow for her to pay the fees for Faima’s education.

Faima surely learned a lot in Nice View that will be of use to her in her later life.

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May 2018: Two-story building

Dear godparents, friends and sponsors,

We are happy to announce that thanks to the organization “A heart for children” (and others) the construction of the two-story building, including the solar plant, has been completed. This is going to significantly reduce the electricity expenses and power outages will thus hopefully be an issue of the past.

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